The 2019 Ontario Brewing Awards medal winners...

Toronto, ON (September 12, 2019) – Ontario brewers gathered at The Berkeley Church  (315 Queen St E, Toronto, ON) on Thursday, September 12th to celebrate the best of Ontario beer. The evening recognized beer from breweries across the province. Medal winners in each of the 30 categories were evaluated by a team of Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judges.

The event was hosted by Taps Media, and included industry members and media personnel. Below is a complete list of winners for the Ontario Brewing Awards 2019:

Standard American Beer

BRONZE: Gold | Big Rig Brewery

SILVER: Beach One Cerveza | Wasaga Beach Brewing Company

GOLD: Westcott Cream Ale | The Grove Brew House 


International Lager

BRONZE: Millennium Buzz Hemp Beer | Cool Beer Brewery

SILVER: Woodhouse Lager Beer  | Woodhouse Brewing 

GOLD: Against the Grain Helles Lager | High Park Brewery


Czech Lager

BRONZE: Brock Street Bohemian Pilsner | Brock Street Brewing Company

SILVER: Starke | Amsterdam Brewing Company

GOLD: Riverside Pilsner | Saulter Street Brewery


Pale Malty European Lager

BRONZE: Brock Street Munich Lager | Brock Street Brewing Company

SILVER: Biergarten Blonde  | Braumeister Brewing Company

GOLD: Gaslight Helles Lager  | Muddy York Brewing Co.


Pale Bitter European Beer

BRONZE: No Nonsense  | FRANK Brewing Co.

SILVER: Pub House Ale |  Publican House Brewery 

GOLD: Walkerville Purity Pilsener  | Walkerville Brewery  


Amber Malty European Lager

BRONZE: MY Bock Maibock  | Muddy York Brewing Co.

SILVER: Beste Bock  | Cameron's Brewing Co.

GOLD: Ides of February - the Henderson Cup  | Henderson Brewing Co.


Amber Bitter European Beer

BRONZE: Honest Lager  | Walkerville Brewery

SILVER: Vienna   | Red Circle Brewing Co 

GOLD: Impact  | Stack Brewing 


Dark European Lager

BRONZE: Black Bear  | Market Brewing Company 

SILVER: Dingman Dark Lager  | Herald Haus Brewing Co 

GOLD: Black Opal Schwarzbier  | Muddy York Brewing Co.


German Wheat Beer

BRONZE: Cameron's Hefeweizen  | Cameron's Brewing Co. 

SILVER: George The Ghost  | The Grove Brew House

GOLD: Haberdasher Hefeweizen  | Muddy York Brewing Co. 


British Bitter

BRONZE: Special Pale Ale  | Wellington Brewery

SILVER: Beer 101 Bitter  | Niagara College Teaching Brewery

GOLD: Kingpost ESB  | The Collingwood Brewery


Pale Commonwealth Beer

BRONZE: Walkerville Geronimo IPA |  Walkerville Brewery

SILVER: White's Bay IPA  | The Collingwood Brewery

GOLD: Class V  | Whitewater Brewing Co. LTD


Brown British Beer

BRONZE: Clifford Porter  | Clifford Brewing Co.

SILVER: Grand River Brewing Mill Race Dark  | Magnotta Brewery 

GOLD: Downtown Brown |  Amsterdam Brewing Company


Irish Beer

BRONZE: Vimy Stout  | Vimy Brewing Company

SILVER: Crooked Nose Stout   | Cameron's Brewing Co. 

GOLD: Spark House  | Lake Of Bays Brewing Co.


Dark British Beer

BRONZE: Get The Fork Out  | Market Brewing Company

SILVER: Brock Street Chocolate Milk Stout  | Brock Street Brewing Company 

GOLD: Walkerville Easy Stout  | Walkerville Brewery 


Strong British Ale

BRONZE: The Flyer  | Henderson Brewing Co.

SILVER: BEER 101 Strong  | Niagara College Teaching Brewery

GOLD: Brock Street Scotch Ale  | Brock Street Brewing Company


Pale American Ale

BRONZE: Absent Landlord, Country Kolsch  | Cowbell Brewing Co

SILVER: Bangkok Crosswalk  | Overflow Brewing Company

GOLD: Farmer's Daughter  | Whitewater Brewing Co. LTD


Amber and Brown American Beer

BRONZE: This One  | Stray Dog Brewing Company 

SILVER: Lion's Mane  | Full Beard Brewing Co.  

GOLD: Henry's Irish Ale  | Publican House Brewery


American Porter and Stout

BRONZE: Ridge Rock Stout  | Ridge Rock Brewing Company  

SILVER: Nihilist  | Little Beasts Brewing Company

GOLD: Walkerville Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout  | Walkerville Brewery 



BRONZE: Woodhouse IPA  | Woodhouse Brewing 

SILVER: Jurassic IPA  | Cameron's Brewing Co.  

GOLD: Exhibition  | Royal City Brewing Co.


Strong American Ale

BRONZE: Flight Plan  | Lake Of Bays Brewing Co.  

SILVER: Strange Aeons  | Little Beasts Brewing Company 

GOLD: Where The Buffalo Roam   | Cameron's Brewing Co. 


European Sour Ale

BRONZE: Brown Derby  | Henderson Brewing Co. 

SILVER: Pinot Noir Wildwood  | Bench Brewing Company 

GOLD: Berliner Weisse with Apricot and Brett  | Flora Hall Brewing  


Belgian Ale

BRONZE: Stone Road  | Bench Brewing Company

SILVER: Bobcaygeon Firefly Belgian White  | Bobcaygeon Brewing Co 

GOLD: Walkerville Brewery Waterfront Wit  | Walkerville Brewery   


Strong Belgian Ale

BRONZE: Honey Badger  | Four Father's Brewing 

SILVER: La petite duchesse  | Little Beasts Brewing Company 

GOLD: Clean Slate  | Bench Brewing Company   


Trappist Ale

BRONZE: Rube Goldbeer  | Henderson Brewing Co. 

SILVER: Shacklands Tripel  | Shacklands Brewing

GOLD: The Ugly  | Henderson Brewing Co.


Historical Beer

BRONZE: It Takes A Village  | Four Father's Brewing

SILVER: Ides of July  | Henderson Brewing Co.

GOLD: Gose  | Stonehooker Brewing Company


American Wild Ale

BRONZE: Collective Unconscious (Raspberry) |  Rorschach Brewing Co.

SILVER: Appellation No. 4   | Bench Brewing Company

GOLD: Folklore on Cabernet Franc Skins  | Bench Brewing Company  


Fruit Beer

BRONZE: Strawberry Grove  | Bench Brewing Company

SILVER: Raspberry Uber Berliner Weisse  | Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

GOLD: Plum Grove  | Bench Brewing Company


Spiced Beer

BRONZE: Honey Habanero |  FRANK Brewing Co.

SILVER: Ides of December - By Any Other Name  | Henderson Brewing Co. 

GOLD: Summer Slam  | Stray Dog Brewing Company


Wood Beer

BRONZE: Shirtless At The Kremlin  | Refined Fool Brewing Co

SILVER: Never Say Never  | Rouge River Brewing Company

GOLD: UVB-76 Nikita  | Wellington Brewery


Specialty Beer

BRONZE: Zap! Sour IPA  | Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

SILVER: Publican Brut Ale  | Publican House Brewery

GOLD: 12 Mile IPL  | Cameron's Brewing Co.


New England IPA

BRONZE: Bobcaygeon Northern Lights Hazy IPA  | Bobcaygeon Brewing Co

SILVER: Denali DDH Pale Ale |  Flora Hall Brewing

GOLD: Working Twice As Hard DIPA  | Muddy York Brewing Co.


Catharina Sour

BRONZE: Braided Roads (Raspberry)   | Red Circle Brewing Co   

SILVER: Lodestar Sour Ale w/ Pink Guava  | Elora Brewing Company

GOLD: Slide Whistle  | Wellington Brewery



Ides of February | Henderson Brewery

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